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Philippines - INA NA PAG-ASA PROVINCE Provincial Chapter 2017

INA NG PAG-ASA PROVINCE Provincial Chapter 2 017 October 25, 2017 Biga, Siilang, Cavite

During the Provincial Chapter 2017 from October 23-26, 2017 held at the National Shrine of Ouor Lady of La Salette at Silang, Father Rosanno Soriano, MS was elected as Provincial Superior.

Father Manuel Medina, MS was elected as the Vicar Provincial and Father Eugene Andaya, MS as the councilor.

On the photo from left to right:
Father Romeo Seleccion MS -  Father Manuel Medina, MS - Father Rosanno Soriano, MS  Father Eugene Andaya, MS-; Father Ronnie Rodriquez, MS