Monthly letter from the CG April 2016

April 2016

March in Rome this year, was shorter than usual. Why was this month shorter?  Because it was the season of Lent and preparation for the Easter, it was shorter because a part of the General Council left for La Salette Shrine in  France, it  was shorter because  we slept one our less in this month. It  was shorter because less happened during this time in our General House. However what happened I registered for our history:

  1. While Fr. Belarmino  and Fr. Alex  remained in the General House for the current business, March 17, early in the morning, Fr. Adilson, Efren  and Fr. Silvano departed for the Shrine of La Salette, together with two brothers from Angola Isaac and Hélio, where they will take part in the meeting of the PPP 2016 (March 19-April 17).
  2. March 19 morning, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, was the official opening of the PPP 2016 with almost the whole group, all but our Indian confreres who arrived on March 20 afternoon. This same day at 18 PM began the ceremony of the opening of the Holy Door, presided over by  Guy de Kerimel, bishop of Grenoble, in the presence of about 300 people. The ceremony started in the "Chapelle de la rencontre" and ended in the Basilica with the singing of Vespers. Even if the church felt like an icebox, people stayed until the end.
  3. The group of PPP 2016 (26 students, of which 8 Malagasy, 2 Angolans, 6 Polish, 8 Indians and two Filipinos) participated with great faith and enthusiasm in the celebration of the Easter Triduum. Fr. Joseph Bachand, the new Superior of the international community, presided over the liturgy of Holy Thursday, while Fr. Silvano presided over the liturgy of Good Friday and the solemn Easter Mass,  Fr. Manuel was main celebrant  of the Easter Vigil.
  4. Father Henryk, as a parish priest, remained in Rome to preside  the liturgy of Holy Week. I will reach the rest of the General Council in the Shrine at  La Salette 10 April.
  5. Our guests students leaving in General House, for Easter are dispersed in different parishes around Italy to help parish priests during the holidays. In such way as Italians use to say:  in the house remained only “four cats”.
  6. The La Salette communities of Rome, Naples and Isernia including Brazilian students came together for "Easter Monday" (Pasquetta) in Isernia. After a sightseeing tour of the city led by Father Celeste after which we had the joy of sharing  together a festive lunch.
  7. Sunday, April 3, the participants of the PPP lived a day of leisure in Grenoble with a visit to the town and celebration of 'Eucharist with the parish community of Rue Chanrion. All this ended with a rich lunch prepared by some ladies of the parish.

In Rome we enjoy the beautiful colours of the trees and flowers, the temperature is warming and the days are more and more sunny. Instead at La Salette there is still  snow as you can see on  the photos in our website.

I hope that this information reaches to the most far away Missionary. But always with great attention we are waiting for the information from you! Do not be afraid to share it  with us. With Easter joy I wish you good work and courage in the mission.

Fr. Henryk Przeździecki MS

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