Attack by robbers in the local community of SNDS Kianjavolasoa, Antsirabe

Quézac 2017 April 01

"Be disciples, follow Christ in our multicultural diversity, committed as SNDS
on the way of foundation"

Dear Sisters,
We enjoin you to be one in spirit and prayer with our Sisters in Madagascar who need our moral support because of an untimely attack by robbers in the local community of Kianjavolasoa, Antsirabe. The psychological shock is deep, more so with physical wounds inflicted.

We carry this “cross” together as we continue our Lenten walk with Mary who leads us on at the foot of the cross of Jesus where we find strength. We include in our prayers the victims of violence all over the world as we unceasingly pray and offer sacrifices for the Peace that comes from our reconciling God and from our collective struggle wherever we are sent.

In this event, Sr Elisabeth and Sr. Estelle are going to be there for our sisters.

Faced with this violence, we have not fully expressed the sentiments that were stirred within us, even if it may be needless to say. For this reason, we invite you all to be present before the Blessed Sacrament tonight, to render time of adoration to unite our prayer for all the victims of all kinds of violence.

Sr Elisabeth et son Conseil

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