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PPP 2017 - Week 1

PPP 2017 - Week 1

            This past Sunday, our Congregation began our largest PPP assembly ever! Close to 70 attendees, translators and facilitators have come to the Holy Mountain from nine provinces and regions including Angola, Brazil, France, Italy, Madagascar, Myanmar, Philippines, Poland and the United States.  This year’s PPP assembly is also the first time our congregation is uniting together with our sisters of La Salette to experience what will be a tremendous month of spiritual renewal as our women and men prepare to profess their perpetual vows.

            The first week of our PPP was an amazing opportunity for all of our participants to come together from all over the world and unite as a La Salette family.  Participants were encouraged to tell their stories.  Each sister and brother shared their individual vocation story with one another.  In doing so, many participants enjoyed the challenge of listening and understanding each other's story in unfamiliar languages.  This challenge became was far from being a barrier - this challenge was an opportunity to really work on getting to know one another in genuine sincerity.  This first week of our PPP also included a presentation on the spirituality of the Holy Mountain by Fr. Joe Bachand and a presentation on understanding the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette through biblical text by Fr. Celeste and Fr. Anthony Skalba.

            All of our PPP participants have quickly bonded and are enjoying in each other's brotherhood and sisterhood as all continue to learn more about each other - one’s customs, cultures, traditions and commonalities.  Some of our participants have commented that it feels as if they have been together much longer than simply one week.  The coming three weeks plus will continue to provide great insights and experiences for each participant as they continue in their spiritual journey in preparation for their perpetual vows.  This coming week, the PPP assembly will be making a visit to Coin, as well as visiting the homes of Maximin and Melanie in Corps and the SNDS community in Gap.  Please keep all of our participants and volunteers in your prayers during this month of our PPP assembly.

Manuel Crespo MS

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