Generals Councils MS and SNDS meeting



Collaboration is a word that can be described if we look and reflect on it in the La Salette working spirit.

Collaboration can be described on how we give witness to the goal, vision and spirit of what we want to live as La Salette.

Collaboration is an active spirit that leads and moves us into an actual action and awareness of our existence that gives birth to ourSalettine relationship, MS, SNDS and Lay.

It is the spirit that recognizes our, La Salette family, presence and existence in ourworking and being together to actualize our common vision, goals and spirituality.

It is the sharing and accepting of our individual and congregation’s gifts put together that brings us into unity.

Collaboration is a spirit that brings life to our working relationship, working together, working with and not working for.

The spirit of collaboration in order to continue to live needs a constant process of clarification of our goal, being convinced of our co-existence which is vital and important in our commitment  to go through this working relationship.

Collaboration needs a constant communication and the capability to cooperate to bringthis relationshipto live and continue.

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much". Helen Kaller

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