The First Week of our "Seniors" Meeting at La Salette

During the first week of the SRMS, all arrived - eventually! Some had difficulty with travel arrangements, but we number the full 30 expected participants: 3 translators, 3 members of the General Council, and 24 La Salette "Seniors," from nine different countries. We explored the relationship between consecrated life and our faith in the Triune God. Joe Bachand (Council member) spoke of God the Father and La Salette; Yves Simoens, SJ, a professor from the Biblicum in Rome, gave an in-depth exegesis of Johannine texts relating to the centrality of Jesus in our life; and Janusz Krecidlo, a La Salette confrere from Poland, also used the farewell discourse in John's Gospel to discuss the promises of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete in our life of faith, and led us to consider the connection to our religious consecration. A full week of work!! Sunday, we left the mountain to visit our parish in Grenoble, where we concelebrated the Mass with the people and were treated to a veritable banquet. We stopped at the retirement house in La Tronche as we headed back up the mountain, and were warmly received. By the way, summer has finally arrived in this part of France with glorious weather - truly a blessing - especially for those who had looked forward to climbing the mountains!

Fr. Joseph Bachand MSSeniorzy

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