PEACE article by Fr. Chendrappinny Jenson MS

Fr. Jenson Chendrapinny
A drawing competition on the theme of peace was conducted. Many came out with various kinds of drawings. One was that of a child sleeping at the breast of its mother, another one is a flower in the desert and so many of such kind. But the price winning one was a different one; it was a painting of a sea-crow singing, sitting on a sea rock amidst the high waves approaching towards it. The picture clearly depicts peace, which is complete trust in God. As the psalmist says, it is a belief that even if one walks in the valley of death, nothing will harm him (Ps 23).

Peace is something that we seek most. We are aware of the persecutions, wars and calamities happening in the world. There are so many incidents that can cause the destruction of our serenity. Amidst all theses adversities how can one have peace? And of course one may ask, where can I find peace? According to Joseph F. Girzone, “the reason the world has no peace is that people have no peace inside themselves. How can people give peace if they have not found peace themselves? Peace means disciplining what is unruly and harmful within oneself. It means overlooking hurt and insult and forgiving those who offend you. It means reaching out to God and allowing Him into your soul, where He can become your friend. When God is within you, then you will have peace. Bringing peace to the world means bringing God into the hearts of others. It cannot be otherwise. You cannot have peace without God.”[1] Thus, one should find it within. He needs to trust in God. According to J.Maurus, faith is involvement of the whole person. It implies an attempt to relate as well as possible with others and with God. It is a matter of inner freedom. Unless we have learned to cut the emotions down to size and control them meaningfully, we can never really live with any semblance of true and authentic freedom.[2] In a way if we want to enjoy freedom and peace we must travel in to ourselves. To the inside of us. Peace that cannot be found within cannot be found elsewhere. Peace that is enriched inside will flow out to the world.

One method of attaining peace is, learning to forget. Forgetting two things in life: 1- The good you have done to others. 2- The harm others have inflicted on you. It is very difficult but possible. It should be possible for us who wish peace in the name of the Lord. ‘The peace of the Lord be with you always’. Often, the advocates of peace are in search of peace. We search it everywhere except in God. That is the irony of our life. Peace is not the absence of problems. Instead, it is the realization of the presence of God within us. St.Paul has rightly said it, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Will it be trials, persecution or hunger, lack of clothing, or dangers or sword?” (Rom 8:35). Remember; there is nothing wrong in touring from place to place for consolations, if only one can realize that it should begin and end in God. When we wish peace to each other, let God grant us the same peace.


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