Meeting of two General Councils MS and SNDS

Our meeting this year took place in the Eternal City. Now it becomes annual, this time of sharing is a privileged time, a moment where we enriched each other in our different experiences of collaboration: for formation, for the service of our shrines, for the mission, in a common prayer, especially for our deceased and the monthly La Salette Novena. Our charism is enriched with the contribution of different sensitive concerns and together- we realized and became aware - we already really live something beautiful that only needs to be deepened.

To give thanks this path and process and continue to entrust to the Lord, we participated together in the audience with Pope Francis on Wednesday, 18. We took with us his invitation to "keep our doors open to bear witness to Christ, the only true and real Door that opens to the Father".

It is also a chance for us, MS and SNDS to share together moments not only in formal and business meetings but of fraternal and informal sharing of presence – where we can relax in the presence of one another, the complimentarily of the Melanie and Maximin as La Salette.

We experienced also the generosity of one another to be available to experience the history of Rome. We were able to share our common friend through the presence and visit of Cardinal Luis “Chito”Tagle who had a close connection also with both the SNDS and MS.

Our meeting, “Rendez-vous” for next year is already set!

S. Elisabeth Guiboux, snds

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